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Welcome to Foundation Repair LA Inc.

Foundation Repair LA Inc. is a premier provider of foundation and structural repair services in Los Angeles. With decades of experience, contractor and builder, and a commitment to honesty and integrity, we ensure your property remains safe, stable, and resilient. We offer comprehensive, streamlined services through every stage of your foundation repair in Los Angeles, from the initial assessment to the end.

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About Foundation Repair LA Inc.

Unmatched Foundation Repair Expertise

Foundation Repair LA Inc. provides unmatched expertise in foundation and structural repair. With a commitment to transparent, trustworthy, and expert solutions, we bring decades of experience to every project. Founded by industry veterans Mark Schlaich and James Chantler, our family-owned company ensures every project receives personalized attention and top-tier service. We specialize in permanent solutions that will last the life of your home.

Streamlined From Design Through Construction

Construction Experts at Your Service

Foundation Repair LA Inc., licensed B (General) and C-8 (Concrete Specialty) contractor, are led by a team of structural repair specialists who handle every stage of your project, ensuring seamless and efficient service. From seismic retrofits and small foundation repairs to retaining walls and hillside foundation replacement, we handle every aspect of your project. Our streamlined approach means you work directly with us, avoiding the uncertainty of subcontractors. We tailor solutions to your property’s unique needs to ensure optimal stability, safety, and longevity from your foundation repair in Los Angeles.

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"I had a fantastic experience with Foundation Repair LA Inc. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest them to anyone in LA, in fact, they are the only people I would recommend."

- J | Real Client Review

How To Identify
Structural Cracks

Cracks are often the most visible signs that your foundation may need repairs. But not all cracks are the same — some are merely cosmetic, and some indicate structural issues. If you notice cracks in your foundation, please request an inspection. Our experts will determine the true extent and root cause of the cracks. However, we provide a handy guide below to help you determine what different types of cracks may indicate.

Superficial Cracks

Superficial cracks (hairline cracks) are typically not a structural issue. Concrete, and other brittle materials crack easily and can even crack from shrinkage while drying. It’s often said that there are two types of concrete; cracked concrete, and concrete that has not yet cracked.

Showing superficial cracks in concrete

Serious Cracks

Serious cracks require attention as they can potentially affect the structural integrity of your property. These cracks often result from more significant issues such as settling, foundation movement, or structural issues like rusting rebar creating spall damage.

Showing deep cracks in foundation

Structural Cracks

Structural cracks are the most concerning and demand immediate action to prevent harm or damage. They signify severe structural issues that could jeopardize the safety of the building and its occupants requiring immediate foundation repair in Los Angeles.

Showing cracked brick and mortar needing foundation repair in Los Angeles

We Conduct Thorough Foundation Inspections

How We Assess the Condition of Your Property

Our inspectors conduct thorough foundation inspections to assess the condition of your property. Starting with the inside of your home, we will evaluate issues such as floor slopes, door and window alignment, cracking plaster, tile, etc. which will lead us to the problem areas underneath. For raised foundations, we can then transfer this information down below to locate the problem areas in the crawl space or basement. Hillside areas will often require a soils engineer/geologist to ensure foundations are designed appropriately given soils conditions. We also evaluate the overall condition and functionality of drainage adjacent to the structure as this can be a contributing factor in foundation issues.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

19:08 02 Nov 23
Had a fantastic experience with Foundation Repair LA Inc. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest them to anyone in LA, in fact, they are the only people I would recommend.We have been trying to find a company to do some foundation work for close to a decade. We live on a hill and water will seep into the basement area after a heavy rain on one side of the house.Some companies come out and say they'll give an estimate and never get back, some give one estimate that is possibly overkill and no alternatives, some companies say they will call back and they don't, other companies don't answer the phone. If you've dealt with home construction work and live in LA, you know how crazy it can be and frustrating. It can feel like you are begging companies to work on your house, even though you are wanting to pay full price.When I called Foundation Repair LA, someone answered the phone! And then set up an appointment for the estimate - THE NEXT WEEK. James and Matt showed up on time. Did a thorough assessment and we had an estimate in a couple days. The price was completely fair and the job was less than what other companies had mentioned, yet fulfilled the same purpose. Signed the contract and they started THE WEEK AFTER!! The project took about 4-5 days. James, the owner, was out everyday to check on progress and the crew was fantastic. If we had any questions, the foreman had answers. Everyone was professional, cleaned up, etc.In my experience there are not that many construction based companies where everyone involved in the process seems to take great pride in what they do and it really makes such a difference.
Renee LuRenee Lu
16:40 16 Jun 23
I'm incredibly grateful to James from Foundation Repair LA Inc. Three months ago, my property manager informed me of significant ceiling cracks and suspected that they were caused by foundation issues. However, I had my doubts and since I wasn't in California, I decided to seek a third-party evaluation, where James provided exceptional assistance. He reviewed the videos, promptly responded to my emails, and explained through a call that the cracks were caused by a neglected roof leak, not foundation issues. With James' guidance, I contacted a roofing company, and my house has been restored to excellent condition. I highly recommend Foundation Repair LA Inc. for their integrity and expertise, even though I was not their client.
Nancy SalemNancy Salem
20:29 09 Jul 22
Very pleased with foundation repair and bolting provided by Foundation Repair LA. This family owned business operates as a well-oiled machine, from the estimate to the start of work, to updates on work progress and final photos at completion. Highly recommend them, my house is 100 years old and they treated it with care and gave it a solid foundation.
Mike GMike G
01:53 12 Aug 21
1st off I was already familiar with the key personnel of this company from past experiences in construction. So I was encouraged to contact them for a home inspection I desperately needed.They were very helpful from start to finish and giving me a fair price for an inspection, prompt service, and a prompt report which basically was the most important piece of information I needed for my wife and I to make a determination about a home purchase.I wish more contractors were as easy to deal with and helpful as they are.
Joseph MulcroneJoseph Mulcrone
20:53 21 Jul 21
James and Mark are awesome. Hire them with confidence. Worked fast. Quick turnaround. Easy to reach and deal with. Good communicators. Made the entire process hassle-free.
Katherine MulcroneKatherine Mulcrone
23:24 13 Jul 21
James and his team did a wonderful job handling foundation repair at the new (old) home I recently purchased. His communication was clear and prompt. He handled all of my questions and I was always aware of when he would be at my home and how/when I would be billed. Prior to the work he completed, he did an inspection for me during escrow. He was able to schedule it quickly and provided a great report to let us know what we were getting into. I would highly recommend Foundation Repair LA!

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Foundation Repair LA Inc. is ready to assess your property’s foundation and structural needs. During your foundation inspection, our expert team will carefully examine your property, determine the root cause of your foundation problems, and curate a personalized plan of action for your foundation repair in Los Angeles. We firmly stand against the predatory practice of upselling and only recommend repair methods that are essential for you. Our foundation experts provide a clear plan of action with a fair, transparent estimate to enhance the stability of your property for years to come.

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