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A “sister” foundation is a system that bypasses the existing foundation, but allows the existing foundation to remain which can be desirable on brick or rock foundations. It involves installing new reinforced concrete foundations alongside the original foundation from inside the crawl space or basement.. Foundation Repair LA Inc. recommends a sister foundation in Los Angeles as a minimally invasive foundation repair technique, particularly for historic or older buildings.

a sister foundation in Los Angeles

Support Your Building’s
Existing Foundation

A sister foundation refers to the process of reinforcing an existing structure with a supplementary support system. This method is used to rectify foundation problems like deterioration, cracks, settling, or weaknesses such as brick or rock foundations. Since sister foundation techniques support (rather than replace) the existing foundation, they’re particularly suitable for historic or older buildings.

Two men working on a sister foundation in Los Angeles

Your Property May Need A Sister Foundation If:

  • Cracks or fractures are visible in the foundation
  • The existing foundation has settled or rotated
  • Excessive deterioration of the concrete foundation
  • The home has a brick or river rock foundation
  • You’re planning a significant renovation or expansion
  • The original foundation cannot adequately support the structure

Benefits Of A Sister Foundation:

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional foundation repairs
  • Faster and more efficient construction process
  • Minimal impact on the exterior appearance of the property
  • Preservation of historic or older foundation materials
  • Compliance with modern seismic building codes for earthquake insurance
  • Enhanced structural stability and longevity of the property

Sister Foundations Are Ideal For
Historic LA Homes

Sister foundation techniques are particularly suitable for many of Los Angeles’ historic buildings. They preserve the historic and cultural value of homes built using a stone or brick foundation while updating their structural soundness for modern standards. Unlike other methods that may involve invasive exterior work, sister foundations in Los Angeles remain hidden within the structure. This is especially appealing for historic homes because it preserves their architectural integrity. It allows homeowners to address stability issues without compromising the visual charm of their houses.

Many older Los Angeles homes were built on stone or brick foundations, which are unable to be seismically retrofitted. For homeowners seeking earthquake insurance coverage, compliance with modern seismic building codes is often essential. Sister foundations provide a means to achieve this compliance while preserving the historical elements of their homes. Furthermore, sister foundations are more cost-effective since they don’t alter existing structures. Overall, sister foundations are the less invasive and more cost-effective means of repairing, stabilizing, and protecting old, historic buildings.

Sister Foundation FAQs

How does a sister foundation differ from traditional foundation repair?

The installation of a sister foundation in Los Angeles involves creating a new support structure while keeping the existing foundation. Sister foundations are less invasive, and there can be cost benefits.

Is a sister foundation suitable for historic homes with older foundations?

Yes, sister foundations are an excellent choice for historic homes with stone or brick foundations. They allow you to preserve the historical elements while ensuring structural stability and compliance with modern building codes.

What is the timeframe for completing a sister foundation project?

The duration varies depending on the project’s complexity, but on average, it can take a few weeks from planning to completion.

Will a sister foundation construction disrupt my daily life or property?

While some disruption is inevitable, sister foundation work is typically less invasive than traditional foundation repairs. The exterior of your property remains largely unaffected.

Is a sister foundation construction a seismic retrofitting solution?

Yes, sister foundations can be part of a seismic retrofitting strategy, enhancing your property’s ability to withstand earthquakes by providing additional structural support. It’s a common choice for historic homes in earthquake-prone regions like Los Angeles.

How A Sister Foundation Is Installed

At Foundation Repair LA Inc., our contractors perform sister foundation installations after thoroughly assessing your property’s foundation. Once we’ve determined the optimal location for the sister foundation, we prepare the site by excavating and clearing the area to create a solid foundation base. Next, we create pockets to link the two foundations. With the foundation bolts in place, often reinforced with steel for added strength, we start constructing wooden wall forms.

Once the supports are ready, we use precise methods to pump concrete into the excavated trench. The concrete is allowed to set for a few days, following which our team removes the wooden forms and cleans the area. Our skilled technicians ensure the sister foundation in Los Angeles aligns perfectly with the existing one. Throughout the process, we maintain rigorous quality control measures to ensure the sister foundation meets industry standards while leaving your property looking virtually untouched from the outside.

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With decades of combined experience in sister foundation construction, Foundation Repair LA Inc. has the expertise and skills to help you stabilize your home with minimal disruption. Our contractors and experts are licensed with the Contractors State License Board (C-8 and B licenses) and are committed to professionalism and integrity. If you suspect your property requires foundation work, please schedule an inspection today. Our experts will provide a thorough assessment and a detailed estimate tailored to your needs.

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