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If the foundation cannot be repaired, foundation replacement would be the last resort. Foundation replacement is a critical construction process to restore the structural integrity of your building’s foundation. It involves removing the existing, damaged foundation and replacing it with a new one, ensuring stability and preventing further structural issues. Foundation Repair LA Inc. performs a foundation replacement after a thorough assessment and careful planning.

The Last Resort For
A Compromised Foundation

Foundation replacement is a comprehensive renovation procedure that becomes necessary when your property’s foundation is severely compromised. It involves the removal of the existing foundation, often due to issues like structural damage, settling, or inadequate support. This process demands meticulous planning and skilled experts who excavate, pour new footings, and construct a stable, long-lasting replacement. Foundation replacement ensures the safety and durability of your home, preventing further damage and preserving your property’s value.

Signs That You May Need Foundation Replacement:

  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly
  • Noticeable bowing or leaning of walls
  • Persistent moisture or water damage
  • Severe settling or sinking of the structure
  • Deterioration of foundation materials

Why You Need Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement is crucial for ensuring the stability and longevity of your property. When your foundation is compromised, it can lead to a cascade of structural problems, jeopardizing the safety and value of your home or building. Replacing a damaged foundation rectifies these issues, preventing further deterioration, water infiltration, and structural instability. It’s an essential investment that safeguards your property’s integrity, ensuring it remains a safe and secure place for years to come.

Save Time & Money In The Long Run

While foundation replacement may seem like a significant upfront investment, it can ultimately save you substantial time and money. Addressing foundation issues promptly prevents them from worsening and causing more extensive damage to your property. Delaying repairs can lead to costlier and more time-consuming renovations down the road. By investing in foundation replacement when needed, you avoid the hassle and expense of addressing more severe structural problems and ensure the longevity of your property.

Benefits Of Foundation Replacement:

  • Enhanced structural stability
  • Prevention of further damage
  • Improved property value
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Increased safety for occupants
  • Mitigation of moisture-related issues
  • Compliance with building codes
  • Peace of mind for property owners
  • Reduced risk of potential hazards

How Foundation Replacement Is Done

The foundation replacement process will start with a thorough inspection by our staff. Once your foundation has undergone inspection, structural plans have been drafted and building permits have been obtained, construction can begin. The first step is securely shoring the home on large timbers, this allows us to remove the existing foundation. Once the foundation is removed, deeper and larger footings are excavated, new sill plates, anchor bolts and steel reinforcing bars (rebar) are installed.

Temporary wood forms are then installed to pour the concrete. Once the concrete is hardened, the forms are removed, anchors are installed and the job site is cleaned up. This can all be done while you live in the home.

Foundation Replacement FAQs

Why might my property need foundation replacement?

Foundation replacement becomes necessary when your current foundation is severely damaged or deteriorated. Common issues include extensive cracks, settling, or inadequate support, which compromise your property’s safety and integrity. Unreinforced masonry foundations (such as brick or river rock) are antiquated building methods. Unreinforced masonry foundations are very susceptible to earthquake damage and cannot be seismically retrofitted, therefore require replacement.

How do I know if my foundation requires replacement or repair?

A thorough inspection by our staff can determine the extent of the damage. Generally, minor cracks and settling may be repairable, but significant structural issues often necessitate foundation replacement. If portions of the foundation are still serviceable, partial foundation replacement may be an option.

How long does the foundation replacement process typically take?

The timeline varies based on factors such as the size of your property and the extent of damage. The entire process can range from two weeks to a month.

What are the costs associated with foundation replacement?

Costs depend on the foundation type, property size, and other factors. Our foundation repair experts will thoroughly evaluate your foundation, design personalized engineering plans, and provide a fair, transparent estimate.

Will I need to vacate my property during foundation replacement?

Typically foundation replacement is done while you live in the home. Often the temporary shoring structure is stronger than the existing foundation being replaced!

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